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Picture 1148Fernwood brings together the best aspects of Maine living, from our exclusive cultivars, shade plants and expansive collection of hostas, to our vegetables, fiber products and the animals we raise. If you share an interest in gardening, farming, and sustainable living, or simply want to experience life on a rural homestead, come check us out.   Visit our blog often as we welcome you into the life of Fernwood Nursery.

Nestled in the beautiful town of Montville, Maine Fernwood Nursery specializes in native and woodland plants hardy to this area. We grow an extensive selection of shade-loving plants, including hosta and ferns for the collector, as well as many interesting rarities from around the globe. We invite you to roam the nursery to enjoy the many display beds, take one of our many classes, or call ahead to arrange for a ‘high tea’ to be served in the gardens. Picture 3143

Sustainability is an integral part of our life and goals. We derive a lot of satisfaction from knowing that we can provide for ourselves. Whether it be the wood we burn, the animals we raise, the vegetables we grow, or the soil we build, all contribute to our sense of connectedness to the earth. It’s important to us to know where our food comes from, how the goods we need are created, and the energy and considerations that go into it all.
As we witness global changes, it becomes increasingly important to continue with a lifestyle that enables us to connect with our community and our resources. We offer a wide range of classes that focus on the ‘forgotten arts and heritage skills ‘of days gone by. Consider joining us for a class on choosing plants for the woodland garden,cheesemaking, crafting herbal teas, wool dyeing, spinning or traditional felting methods ( to name a few!).Picture 3183
While visiting, you may choose to purchase some handspun yarn, an eclectic pot of alpines and dwarf conifers, or a pair of felted slippers. Who knows? There’s a little of everything here at Fernwood!

Our studio is set up to teach classes, show films, and offer presentations. Feel free to visit https://fernwoodnursery.wordpress.com/ to find out all that we offer here at Fernwood Nursery.
If you are looking to stay in the area, please consider an overnight in our guest cabin. It’s warm, cozy, and comes with complimentary tea and scones! You may email us with regards to rates and accommodations.

We’d love to share our passion for plants, food, and hand-crafts with you. Contact us at fernwoodnursery@fairpoint.net or call us at (207)589-4726.

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