Who we are

Welcome to Go Inland! We are a community of local artisans, agrarians, and adventurers who live and create on the backroads and within the hidden hamlets of Maine. We would love to share our rural and creative experiences with you. So, please…venture away from the beaten path and Go Inland! You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find!

Our site has been designed to help visitors who want to explore Maine’s beautiful ‘in-land’ landscape and connect with the many interesting and creative people who call rural Maine their home. We have a lot to show you!

Take a leisurely stroll around the site and discover the unique and exciting opportunities we offer. You’ll find a glass blower who offers classes and an intimate look at the art and process of blowing glass;  a potter who fires in a soda kiln and who will gladly invite you into her studio to see her work; an enchanting nursery that specializes in native and woodland plants and can offer tea and home-baked scones for you to enjoy in their  gardens; a lovely little ‘hidden-gem’ of a shop chock full of handcrafted and collected goodies, you can even hook up with your own personal outdoor adventure guide for a day of cross-country skiing or kayaking on one of our ( many!) pristine lakes or ponds.

Visit a fiber studio and learn to felt with wool. Take a private blacksmithing class. Learn to bake bread over an outdoor fire. Add a hand sculpted piece of pottery to your collection. Stay the night in an 1814 federal-style home or cozy up in a little cabin nestled among the pines.  There are local cheeses and fresh bread. There are breweries and cafes. There’s home-made ice cream!

Let us show you what you’ve been missing.  Go Inland and meet the makers and the producers and the people who will lead you beyond the hustle and bustle. Take a breath. Relax. Explore the interior of this beautiful place we call home. Go Inland!

There’s something for everyone!

We are happy to share all of the “places to go, people to see” when you travel to visit our vibrant corner of rural Maine. Check out the headings on this site to read and find out more about what’s happening here at Go Inland. If you’d like to email us, please do so at goinlandmaine@gmail.com

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